I owe it all to you, Mom

So today it happened. It was one of those moments I had been waiting for my entire life, literally. I set my alarm for 9:30, grabbed my morning coffee and a doughnut and waited for 10 o’clock to come around. The moments seemed to pass like hours as I waited for Southern Weddings to announce “The Best of the South Awards” also know as “The Pineys”. I had found out a month and a half earlier that I had been selected as a Finalist for Best Make-up Artist. This was such an amazing accomplishment, especially since I had started working in a new location and re branded only months earlier. I could feel my heart beat out of my chest harder and harder as every moment drew closer to 10. And then when 10 o’clock came I refreshed my pages every second to make sure I didn’t miss the live announcements. I prayed right before the show started “I’ve never wanted anything so bad. Please GOD!” And then something happened… my category came up. “And for Best Make Up Artist we have Katy Lynn Beauty!” Wait, What?! I WON! In complete shock, I fell to tears! I immediately called my husband and I could tell, he too was in complete shock! This was by far the greatest accomplishment I had ever received and I just couldn’t believe it was real.

Next was the phone call to my mother. I had texted my mom right before the awards show to let her know they were announcing the winners this morning. Knowing all the people in my category had HUGE names and are highly respected in our industry, I believe we had both accepted that being a finalist was such a huge ordeal in itself and no matter what this was a big milestone! So the phone rang and my mom picked up in the shower and all she could hear was me crying. She called me back a few minutes later and with concern in her voice I heard her say ” What’s wrong”…. “I WON MOM!”… Then came multiple screams of excitement from both ends of the phone and my mother broke out into tears as well. Apparently, knowing how tough this win would be, Mom had already brainstormed ways to make me feel better after my loss like any good mother would! Luckily, she didn’t have to do this today! (Save the ice cream for another day mom, I’m sure I will need it eventually)

It was in this conversation with My Mother that she sarcastically brought to my attention that SHE was the reason I won this award. She told me she was the one who bought me my first piece of make up, She was the one who was my boss and taught me everything I know, She was the one who encouraged me. Mom, I know you may have been sarcastic but YOU are totally correct. You see, what lots of people don’t know is that my love for this industry started at 2 years old. I remember Christmas morning waking up to my very own salon set from Santa! I couldn’t even tell you at what age I started wearing make-up because my Mom never told me I couldn’t. She always just taught me the right way to apply it or told me when I was looking crazy (which was often). I got to see my mom do make up first hand at bridal shows and events and I always admired her! She did my make up for all my big events; school dances, prom, and even my wedding day. At 17, My Mom encouraged me to apply for a Promotional Consultant Position at Clinique. After I got the job, my Mom became MY BOSS! And ya’ll, watching her work is something amazing. Not only is she extremely talented and highly professional, but she can turn people in to her best friend in less than a minute. She’s just amazing like that. Like most parents, mine encouraged me to go to college and I did… My parents joke that I majored in my Sorority as there was really nothing else there that I enjoyed. I spent three years of my life looking for a major that I would enjoy doing every day and could never find one thing that I would be happy doing. Before my junior year, my mom asked me why I was wasting my time paying for school to do something I hate when I could go to Beauty School and do something I love. Now believe it or not, this was a very hard decision. There is a HUGE stigma that comes along with Beauty School especially the infamous “Well, school just ins’t for everyone…”. Well friends, I could have finished college and been successful doing whatever boring job I would have got for that one piece of paper, or I could go a different path and enjoy my life every single day. And that’s exactly what I did. And I hope that I made my Mom proud.

So although to her these comments she made over the phone may have been a joke, to me they are my reality. So Mom, thank you. Thank you for believing in me and letting me pursue my dreams. Thank you for always being my number one cheerleader and for knowing I had all the potential in the world. This win isn’t for me, it’s for you and I couldn’t have done it without you.

I love you, Mom!


New Website!

Coming soon… A new brand, A new website! Check back to see what’s new πŸ™‚

The Reviews are in… Lip Kit by Kylie

Hey friends,

It’s been a while since my last blog, and I am happy to say that is mostly due to me planning my wedding and marrying my sweet husband! But now that the honeymoon is over and we are getting back into the swing of things, I am really loving being able to focus on what I love most about my job: making people beautiful. I’ve loved being back with all my clients in the salon and catching up, I’ve loved being able to do my on-site make up, and I am certainly loving expanding my knowledge on different kinds of make up! It seems like every time I turn around there are new cosmetic lines that people are raving about and it’s so easy as a make up artist to find products you love and to stick to those. Recently, I’ve decided I wanted to try as much as I can, not only to expand my knowledge but to also to able to give great products a shout out to clients! So today I will be sharing my first review with you on some new liquid lipstick I tried by Kylie Cosmetics!

For $18, I decided to order one lipstick from KylieCosmetics.com to see how I would like it. I went on YouTube before choosing a color to see how different colors appeared on those who have  already tried them.  I decided to buy the color “Posie K”. Having several lip liners, I decided to only buy the liquid lipstick rather than buying the lip kit complete with a matching liner. My product came in the mail quickly and had cute packaging!  I did neutral eye shadows to match my new lipstick and the first thing I noticed was the consistency is just like a lipgloss and could glide on with ease!  I applied the color and it dried into a very matte finish. The lipgloss turns into a lipstick texture very quickly. The color was beautiful and highly pigmented; the smell of the lipstick is also quite pleasant. I wore the color all day without having to reapply. It is most definitely a long wearing color and it was resistant to smudging. Overall, I really enjoyed this lipstick and could easily throw on a gloss on top of it to change the finished look! 

Will I buy from Kylie Cosmetics again? Yes! I really liked  everything about it! If you like a lip gloss that stays on and gives you a matte finish, I would recommend you try it and see what you think! For those of you who have tried the lip kits, what are your thoughts on it?

I am trying to decide what to try next! Do you have a product you just love that you think I should give a review on? Let me know!

I hope everyone has a blessed week! ❀️



Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

Over the years of doing bridal make up, my favorite part of the whole process is when I finally get to put lashes on my Bride. No matter how bold she may want her make up to be, the second we put lashes on her the whole look comes together and her eyes just POP! Of course every girl wants to feel beautiful and loved by the man of her dreams on her big day and let’s face it- WE DO A LOT OF WORK THESE GUYS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND TO FEEL THAT WAY! Not only do the lashes help draw attention to your best feature, they also look stunning in pictures! But sadly, these eyelashes are only temporary and come off that night!


So what if I told you that you didn’t have to be a bride to have your eyes pop? And what if I told you that you could have this feeling everyday? Well, I can tell you that I would JUMP at the opportunity to have my eye lashes look longer and fuller without having to put primer and four coats of mascara on (which ultimately clump them together and makes it a hot mess). Now, you can have those lashes you have always wanted! I’ve spent the last two days in a very intense training with xtreme lashes and i just have to rave about how amazing they are. These lashes look so natural and help provide volume, lift and length all over your top lid! What else is great about these lashes? Well, first off all their products are safe to use and the individual extension falls off when the eye lash sheds naturally. So when the end of your eye lash cycle approaches, it’s time to get those babies refilled!

I am super excited to be offering this service very soon and I know how amazing I felt the first time I got the chance to wear them and not even feel like I needed a single coat of mascara! Treat yourself to the lashes you’ve always wanted!

Any questions, feel free to email me at klosborne91@gmail.com


Wide eyed Wednesday!

Hey friends!


This week I would love to talk about one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients: “My eyes look so small…” or “I wish my eyes looked bigger…”. So what is it that YOU can do at home to help brighten your eyes? Well I have a few tricks for you!

  1. Try switching up your bottom liner. Sometimes using harsh black liners on the top and the bottom can make your eyes look smaller. Try using a lighter liner on the bottom. To really open your eyes, try not using a liner at all on the bottom and just using too liner.
  2. Brighten up your shadows. Most people use a highlighter shade underneath their brown. You can also use this same shade in the corner of your eye to brighten up your eyes. Try it! It really makes a difference.

Hope these two tricks help! ☺️


Community over competition

Hey friends!

So for the last three months I have had the privilege to be a part of a Rising Tide meeting group. In this group, I have had the chance some of the most creative and talented woman! Every second Tuesday of the month we get together to discuss different things to help each other’s business grow and to get some creative ideas. The whole basis around The Rising Tide Society is promoting community over competition. So you may be asking yourself, why are you writing this on a hair blog? Fabulous question! I am writing this so that other small business owners can know how much these women have inspired me and helped me. I have had the honor to now work with some some of the most talented photographers in our area, caterers, bands, event planners, etc and this is all thanks to this amazing group I am apart of. Being young in the business, it’s so inspiring to meet with other people and see their success! So if you are a local business or an independent contractor, I would strongly encourage you to get out and meet with other businesses. Join a local group and connect with people who may have the same interests as you. Let your community help build you up!

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Tip Tuesday: Getting rid of that frizz!

One of my favorite things to do is updos! I love the creativity that you can put into the style and that the possibilities are endless! The only thing I dislike about doing these formal styles is the little hairs that like to stick up around the face and throughout the rest of the style! So what can you do at home when this happens to you? One thing I love to use when on location doing a Photoshoot is a toothbrush! Crazy I know!! Take a little bit of paste and apply it to the tips of a toothbrush and lightly glide the teeth of the toothbrush alone the stands of the hair! This will not put the hair out that is already in place but it will secure the fly aways with product so they will stay! Just make sure to apply light pressure!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks tip!